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Ultimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ HD Camera Programmable Smart Robot Car Kit with 4WD Electronics Education DIY Stem Toy Kit for Teens

Ultimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ HD Camera Programmable Smart Robot Car Kit with 4WD Electronics Education DIY Stem Toy Kit for Teens Item NO: 2601147

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  • .More creative possibilities: the ultimate starter kit with multi-function expansion board, interface with various sensors and communication modules, expansion board compatible with 4 core controllers (not included): Arduino UNO, 51 MCU, STM32 and Raspberry Pi 3B +.
  • .In addition, users can use C pr

Product Name Ultimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ HD Camera Programmable Smart Robot Car Kit with 4WD Electronics Education DIY Stem Toy Kit for Teens
Item NO 2601147
Weight 1.3300 kg = 2.9321 lb = 46.9144 oz
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Tag Ultimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ , HD Camera Programmable Smart Robot Car Kit with 4WD , Electronics Education DIY Stem Toy Kit for Teens
Creation time 2019-07-10

Ultimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ HD Camera Programmable Smart Robot Car Kit with 4WD Electronics Education DIY Stem Toy Kit for Teens(Including:Raspberry Pi)


.More creative possibilities: the ultimate starter kit with multi-function expansion board, interface with various sensors and communication modules, expansion board compatible with 4 core controllers (not included): Arduino UNO, 51 MCU, STM32 and Raspberry Pi 3B +.
.In addition, users can use C programming and Python programming to bring you more possibilities. (All the programs we provide are for Raspberry Pi.)
.Two-degree-of-freedom camera and Bluetooth and WIFI dual communication: Four-degree-of-freedom intelligent robot, which can be designed as two degrees of freedom camera, can be designed as a mobile camera, front and rear 180 Degree of rotation. Equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi dual communication mode, it brings you a more interesting operation experience.
.Support a variety of functions: intelligent vehicles support a variety of functions: intelligent chasing light, tracking, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, fan fire extinguishing. Combined with a variety of features, you can play a variety of fun games with your friends, such as a wonderful racing show.
.High-quality accessories and simple installation: The project's Super Starter Kit features an aluminum chassis, a powerful four-wheel drive, a metal motor bracket and high-quality battery, and an easy-to-follow assembly tutorial. Whether you are an engineer or a novice, this robotic car kit is very intuitive and simple
.Electronic journey and perfect gift: designed for beginners and professionals, learning electronics, programming and robotics. If your child, family or friends are attracted to the electronics and robotics world, this kit will be a good choice and the perfect toy gift for them to start their electronic journey.


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Aluminum Alloy + Circuit Board
.Programming Software: Python C Language
.Input: infrared obstacle avoidance and light finder sensor, 4-channel tracking module, ultrasonic module, button, high-definition camera
.Output: DC motor, buzzer, servo platform, RGB LED, motor fan, camera platform
.Battery :3.7v 18650 battery x 3
.Working Time:> 120 minutes
.Platform: SG90 Servo
.Distance Measurement: Ultrasonic module
.Power Supply: LM2596S IC
.Motor Driver: TB6612FNG IC
.Motor: 1:48 motor x 4
.RC Mode: Bluetooth
.Security: low power, reverse Connect, lock the rotor to restart the .Operating System: Linux, Win10_IOT
.Motor Rated Voltage: 12V
.Rated Power: 4.32W
.Stall Current: 2.8A
.Rated Current: 360mA
.Rated Torque:
.Speed: 11000rpm
.Reduction Ratio: 1:40
.Encoder Type: two-phase incremental encoder
.Wire Speed: 390
.Power Supply Voltage: 5.0V
.Connection: PH2.0
.Robot Car Size: 220 * 72 * 142 mm
.Wheel Diameter: 58 mm
.Wheel Width: 26.5 mm
.Material: metal baseboard and acrylic board master
.Controller: Uno Gyro:
.MPU6050 Motor Driver Chip: TB6612fng
.Remote Control: Bluetooth
.Power IC: iM2596S-5.0 IC
.Motor: GM37
.Encoder: Hall Encoder
.Operating Time: > 12h Maximum
.Allowable Gradient: 15°
.Maximum Load: 2KG
.Battery : 18650 lithium
.Battery Charging Mode: direct charging
.Product Weight: 990g
.Package Dimensions: 30*20*8cm
.Package Weight: 1330g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

Package Content:

.1 x Raspberry PI Mainboard
.1 x 4 Channel Tracking Module
.1 x 4WD Expansion Board
.1 x Ultrasonic Module
.1 x RGB LED
.2 x Infrared Sensor and Seek Light
.1 x Battery Case
.3 x 18650 Battery
.1 x Acrylic Chassis
.1 x Aluminum Alloy Chassis
.4 x Wheel
.1 x DC Motor
.1 x Motor Bracket
.1 x Bluetooth 4.0 Module
.1 x Servo Package
.1 x Motor Fan Package
.1 x Screws and Nuts and Copper Posts
.1 x 12.6v Charger
.1 x 6pin Flat Cable
.4 x 4pin Flat Cable
.1 x 40-pin Flat Cable
.1 x Screw Driver
.1 x Manual Book
.1 x High Definition Camera
.1 x SG90 Camera Servo
.1 x Pan Support
.1 x Cable USB Cable



OK - I didn’t finish assembling it but it is all very well put together. It is well made and packaged well. I stalled out when it came time to program it - so if there was a way to improve it - I would make it easier to program with a simple YouTube tutorial. There is probably one out there so I will look when I get time. It is full of quality components and it does everything !



Fun product , Accurate description and good product support . Good hobby to build this along with my son. It worked immediately after putting it together.


Marat M.

Few hours for my kid to put it together. He loved it. Now we are working together on the programming issues. It is as easy or as hard as you want to make it.



My son who is 9 wanted this for Christmas.i you want sure considering the price being expensive but glad we got it. He plays with it lots and f it continues to unlock more which it's done, I don't think he will get bore.



The kit is a good starting point for an introduction into learning about robots and especially robot cars to a very competive price. The kit is really well organized in boxes and bags for all the small parts. The assembly instructions for the car is really extensive and are easy to follow. Hence, the assembly of the car went without problems. There is even instructions available on YouTube and projects on the web that use the kit as foundation for experimenting with adding additional features to the car.During the assembly of the car I experienced that some of the parts (nuts) were missing. After having contacting Yahboom service through email the missing nuts were quickly delivered.I haven't completely gone through all the programming instructions yet, but the material has until now fulfilled my expectations.



This is really a good kit for the price. I originally bought it for $139.99 last year. As it was really good I ordered another one for my friend as well. The customer service is excellent with immediate response. When I misplaced one of the connectors they sent a free replacement immediately. It is very difficult to order any replacement parts unless you are an electronics nerd as there are different types of connectors in the market and hence the request to YAHBOOM.At the time of purchase this kit had the most features for the price. Other kits were selling at nearly twice the price for the same functionalities. The quality of the kit is excellent. Everything works well as stated. The instruction set is quite clear and there is no scope for errors as all the connections are interlocked. Hardware wise the motors for the wheels could have been slightly more powerful.


Amazon Customer

 I really like everything about this kit. This smart robot kit would be good learning experience for anyone who is learning how to code and make robots. The matching parts are very complete (if you have wrench, it will be easier to assemble) and they provide very detailed information on Google Drive, which is very helpful to figure out how to fit the each parts. I loved the process of putting parts together. Lots of pieces and good assembly instructions.
When I finished making the robot, I installed the App on my Android phone. The Bluetooth remote control effect is good, and motor, servo, colorful LED lights, tracking, and obstacle avoidance are working well. But, I am keep studying other things.
It really was simple to go from a default install of Raspberrian to having the smart robot car moving across the floor.
I would definitely recommend this smart robot kit for anyone who loves robots.



This was his first one. He enjoyed assembling it. I'm sure it won't be his last one.



Great little robot, I did have a little trouble with the programming instructions... but on the 2nd try reinstalling, it all started working properly.



The big plus of this kit is: because of the use of standard components (there are also various suppliers here), you can transfer what you have learned very well to other projects. On the software side, the Python scripts are used as documentationSmall shadow side: I lost looking at a small screw, which are needed for the assembly of the front wheels, missing. However,I can find it in the store. myself, therefore, and because of the otherwise excellent condition of the kit, no point deduction, especially as probably by the logistics company amazon



It's a good quality product with easy to use instructions on how to build it. Both the look and feel are amazing. The cables are all cleverly placed and the sensor response is great. It also comes with a built in remote but I preferred to work on a line follower project. I definitely recommend it for someone who wants to play around with his family in this field.



A great toy for exploring, exploring and learning.When assembling, however, there was a small difficulty with me, the holes for attaching the motor units were not fit, so slowly insert the screws slowly and slowly tighten individually. The assembly itself was not difficult, but I had a video from a large platform to help.When assembling, please note that the screws for the wheels are not tightened too tight, otherwise the hub of the wheels comes too close to the motor housing and the wheel does not turn properly.What I would like to have is nuts for the nuts and some cable ties.Otherwise a nice educational toy for older children and adults, much to research in programming.



The assembling worked great. All lessons are easy to do. If there is a lot of talk about PINs for the raspberry pi board, it is spoken of brackets and other words were translated poorly, Fortunately, I can understand. Also, the instructions are a little too in detail, but that one hopes to learn more raspberry pi. The examples are all already finished and little own performance is necessary. I at least copied the programs by hand to learn more. But everything does what it should. The engine is only partially suitable for thick carpets. Everything works much better on smooth surfaces.



Thanks to the instructional videos available on YouTube and the very good manual, the Smart Video Car is assembled within two to three hours. Everything fits together perfectly, because the processing of the boards is very good. Only with the installation of the necessary software packages there were a few problems, which could be solved however fast thanks to the likewise existing forum.It is supplied with all the necessary tools, in addition I have used a pair of needle nose pliers, because some of the parts are very small. Almost all parts are supplied more than needed.The only thing I would wish for is further tutorials, as they are for the raspberry pi version!



My 11 year old daughter was thrilled when she got the ROBOT for Christmas. The same evening was also assembled within about two hours. The next day it was programmed. If you follow the description, it also works great to transfer individual programs to ROBOT. (First movements, infrared remote control, obstacle avoidance, Bluetooth remote control)In the end, you do nothing but copy / paste to transfer the programs. Especially if you are a novice in the raspberry pi board area, as we are, and want to do something different with the robot, for example, to combine the programs (infrared remote control combined with obstacle avoidance) you are soon in the impasse and can not get on.The manufacturer should do something there and offer more programs for the robot, possibly as a download.



The robot has so many functions. These are well explained in the product description. On the link is first a program with which you can test after assembly. Then it's time to learn! Each of the functions of the robot now has to be programmed. So that you can accomplish this as a beginner, the robot is complete with teaching material. The lessons I found quite understandable. If this is not enough, let me tell you that it is full of raspberry pi training courses on the Internet.



I bought this as a weekend project for my 9 year old son and me.The assembly has made a lot of fun.we installed the raspberry pi 3 b, with integrated wifi.I have little idea of linux, but everything is described very well and what you do not know you can find on the internet.the axle of the front wheels was unfortunately too big for us, here I had to accommodate a few washers, unfortunately cost me a servo.The calibration is a bit tricky, I think. but then we turned as the wheels have just turned the cabling on one side, then we went great. It is best to use one of the freely available linux versions as a control computer. with windows I did not get it.if you can not get ahead there is also a tutorial video on youtube. A mobile app is also available.



In principle, a very nice set in which everything is there that you need, right up to the charger.I noticed the following negative:1. The I2C bus pins are occupied by the ultrasound module, which does not use I2C at all. You could have used all the other pins and released I2C. This limits the expandability. Of course, no problem if someone just wants to drive the car via Bluetooth.2. For me, some holes in the engines did not fit properly (probably not all of them that way). In the end, the car drives now first slight curves when Gradeauseausfahren. Of course you can easily adjust that in the code. In this respect, not bad, but who has no programming skills, should be difficult to do so and must solve this mechanically.



the great point for the open source - you can easily customize everything as you please :),Despite some problems, where you have to do some research yourself (client / servo for steering), I'm really satisfied.


Danilo Ribeiro

Assemble was pretty straightforward, even though the manual was a little outdated.

They have great online resources that you can access for further information.

The only caveat is that some of their code is outdated, so it didn't work out of the box to me. But since I had programming skills I managed to fix the code myself.